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Adam Windsor

Page history last edited by Capellan 11 years ago

Adam is the owner of Iron Heroes, and maintainer of the Iron Heroes FAQ and Errata Wiki.  In the real world, he lives in Australia and works for a multinational I.T. company.  He should not be confused with the wrestler who uses the same name :-)


Adam is the author of the following RPG products:


For Iron Heroes

Dark Harbor

An adventure for 1st-5th level characters, published by Fiery Dragon. Available in print and PDF.


Blood Storm

An adventure for 5th-9th level characters, published in PDF by Fiery Dragon.


Iron Heroes Player's Companion

A player's toolbox for Iron Heroes: new classes, traits, feats and a complete new magic system.



For d20

Masterwork Characters: Born of the Shadows

Masterwork Characters: Legacy of the Serpent

Masterwork Characters: Legacy of the Troll War

Masterwork Characters: Out of the Deep

Masterwork Monsters: Rats in the Walls

Masterwork Monsters: Rise of the Ghouls

Masterwork Monsters: Troll Races and Champions

Twenty Treasures: Exotic Magic Weapons

E.N. Armoury: Shields

E.N. Arsenal: Hooked Hammer



For M&M Superlink

Omni Database: Absorption

Omni Database: AEROForce


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