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Adam Windsor

Page history last edited by Capellan 13 years, 8 months ago

Adam is the owner of Iron Heroes, and maintainer of the Iron Heroes FAQ and Errata Wiki.  In the real world, he lives in Australia and works for a multinational I.T. company.  He should not be confused with the wrestler who uses the same name :-)


Adam is the author of the following RPG products:


For Iron Heroes

Dark Harbor

An adventure for 1st-5th level characters, published by Fiery Dragon. Available in print and PDF.


Blood Storm

An adventure for 5th-9th level characters, published in PDF by Fiery Dragon.


Iron Heroes Player's Companion

A player's toolbox for Iron Heroes: new classes, traits, feats and a complete new magic system.



For d20

Masterwork Characters: Born of the Shadows

Masterwork Characters: Legacy of the Serpent

Masterwork Characters: Legacy of the Troll War

Masterwork Characters: Out of the Deep

Masterwork Monsters: Rats in the Walls

Masterwork Monsters: Rise of the Ghouls

Masterwork Monsters: Troll Races and Champions

Twenty Treasures: Exotic Magic Weapons

E.N. Armoury: Shields

E.N. Arsenal: Hooked Hammer



For M&M Superlink

Omni Database: Absorption

Omni Database: AEROForce


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