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Dispel Magic

There are no rules for dispelling magic in Iron Heroes. Click on the link above for a house rule that addresses this issue.



For questions relating to magic, click on the link above.


Number of Schools at 1st level

An arcanist gets access to two schools of magic at 1st level, as indicated in the class description, rather than the "three schools" mentioned at one point in the spellcasting section.


Mana Limit / Mana Pool

The terms 'Mana Limit' and 'Mana Pool' refer to the same thing.


Recovering Mana

An arcanist recovers all expended mana after 8 hours of rest, much like arcane casters in other OGL games.


Aspects of Power

As long as you have 1 or more mana, you can use aspects of power all day, every round.


Eldritch Darts

Eldritch Darts are a force effect, and therefore not subject to DR and as such, they deal full damage to objects (hardness still applies).


The check required for an Eldritch Dart is a Concentration check, DC 15.


Q: How many range increments do eldritch darts get?


5, same as ordinary darts.


Q: Is the Eldritch Dart a ranged attack or a ranged touch attack?


Normal ranged attack.


Q: Does it count as a Projectile weapon for the purpose of feats?




Q: The text in the book says you create an amount of them equal to the number of attacks you have in one round. If you were to take feats in the Two Weapon Fighting feat tree, you would gain more attacks per round...and therefore more Darts?


Not with Two Weapon Fighting, but I'd allow a character to take the rapid shot tree and gain extra darts that way.


Q: Can an arcanist who has Weapon focus (eldritch dart) masteries apply the masteries' benefits freely to the greater aspect version of eldritch dart?




Master of Heat and Flame

Attacks made with this ability are touch attacks.


If you make a DC20 Spellcraft check, Master of Heat and Flame will work underwater, though it will appear as steam instead of fire.


In a grapple, you can only use Master of Heat and Flame to damage your opponent with the "attack your opponent" option. It does not cause any damage for any other action type within a grapple (just as a torch would not).


You don't get the damage from both spiked gauntlets and the Master of Heat and Flame ability at the same time, you have to choose one (you don't get to add unarmed strike damage either). So you could do 1d4+STR mod or 1d8+INT mod, but not both.


Q: Should the base damage of Greater Master of Heat and Flame be 2d6, or 2d8?


2d6, as per the rulebook. The fact that this is a touch attack counters the fact that Greater Eldritch Darts can be used at range, so both have the same damage.

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