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Indomitable Wall of Iron

Q: How exactly do you use this ability? Is it activated in response to being hit, or do use it on your turn? If so, what sort of action is it?


Basically it works like Draining Defense. You have to designate the target as a move action and spend the tokens to set the DC. If the target fails the save, then if they attack you before the start of your next turn they suffer the penalties thereafter.


Armor Mastery Class Ability and Armor Check Penalties

Apply the benefits of the armiger's armor mastery and the Armor Mastery 4 feat to your total Armor Check Penalty for both armor and shield. So if you have armor mastery 4 and are carrying only a shield, you'd get the benefits of the feat. You'd also get the benefit of the feat if you were wearing chainmail, or if you had chainmail and shield -- but in this last case you would get the -2 ACP bonus only once, not once for the armor and again for the shield.


Iron-Sheathed Counterattack

You can choose to make a trip or disarm attempt when using this ability. This is an exception to the normal rule that Attacks of Opportunity must be standard attacks. If you choose to make one of these special attacks, you still provoke Attacks of Opportunity in return as normal, depending on the feats and equipment you possess.


Sentinel's Defense and the Juggernaut Feat

See the Juggernaut feat for details.

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