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Fury Tokens

Click on the link above for questions relating to fury tokens.


Berserker DR

Berserker DR functions exactly like armor DR. For how Berserker DR interacts with Axe Mastery, see the Feats section.


Berserker Starting Weapon Proficiencies

Berserkers have proficiency with all simple weapons and with three specific, individual martial weapons. Note that this is not the same thing as selecting three martial weapon proficiency feats (since in Iron Heroes, each martial weapon proficiency feat grants proficiency in all martial weapons with a certain descriptor, such as axes, sword and so on).


Berserk Mind

If a berserker is affected by Dominate or another charm effect, and then activates berserk mind, the effect is suppressed for the duration of the berserk mind ability. Of course, the berserker would need a reason to activate the ability: it's reasonable they would do so in a combat situation if that is their standard tactic, but in many other cases (especially out of obvious combat) the GM would need to veto any 'gamey' use of this ability.


Berserk Speed

The speed bonus from Berserk Speed applies to all movement types for which you have a base speed listed (whether that speed be land movement, burrowing, flying, climbing or swimming). Use this improved base speed when calculating your movement rate for movemene types based off your base speed.


For example, sahuagin have both a listed land speed and a swim speed. A sahuagin berserker would gain the benefits of berserk speed on both these movement types. If that berserker wanted to climb something, he would do so at 1/4 of his improved base land speed.


Furious Throw

Each use of this ability uses one attack from your attack routine. The reason to get it is so that, if you have attacks left but no-one in reach for a melee attack (you’re out of movement, or they are flying, for example) you can still attack by spending some tokens.


March of Ruin

Q: How do March of Ruin and Improved Overrun combine?


Basically, they don't. Improved Overrun doesn't allow the opponent to dodge, so the Will save imposed by March of Ruin is irrelevant (they don't "wish" to block you: they simply can't get out of the way).


I'd allow a PC to give up the benefits of Improved Overrun (including the +4 bonus) if he was in a situation where he preferred to make people get out of the way (e.g. when something very large was between him and his target).


The house rule some people are using of "They have to make the saving throw and if they fail, they are still in the way but are treated as if they are shaken for the purposes of the opposed roll." seems pretty cool. If you like the flavor of that better, use that instead.


See Overruns for more information about this ability.


Furious Strike and Critical Hits

See Critical Hits for details.


Blade Dancer and Cleave

Using Blade Dancer, you can spend 1 fury token to move 5 ft. before resolving your cleave attack.

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