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Combat Expertise

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Combat Expertise and Weapon Descriptors

Q: If I am fighting with two weapons, one of which has the power descriptor, can I use Combat Expertise?


See the Weapon Descriptors link above for details.


Can I use Combat Expertise with a Bastard Sword?


Combat Expertise cannot be used with a bastard sword. They have the power descriptor, and the feat states it can’t be used with power weapons.


Combat Expertise 9 and 10

CE9 affects how you spend Parry Tokens (you can spend them on anyone), but not how you earn them (only your nominated target gives you them).


CE10 affects how you earn Parry Tokens (you get them from anyone, not jus6t your token pool target), but not how you spend them (you can still spend them only on the nominated target of the pool).


Combat Expertise and Two Weapon Fighting 2

See Two Weapon Fighting for details.


Combat Expertise and Tumble

Refer to the Tumble skill for details.

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