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Double Weapons

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Double Weapons and Power Attack

Refer to the Power Attack link for details.


Double Weapons and Two Weapon Fighting

Q: If you are proficient with a double weapon and use the two-weapon fighting feat, what, exactly, are your total penalties on the attack bonuses?


Page 158: This page lists the reduction of the penalties for a proficient wielder as -4 for each hand, or the superior penalty reduction of TWF if they have that feat. TWF reduces penalties by -2 for primary and -6 for secondary. -4 is better than -2, so we use that. -6 is better than -4, so we use that. Therefore, the character reduces the penalties by 4 on the primary hand and 6 on the secondary hand. The penalties are normally -6 and -10, so they become -2 and -4. This is not quite as good as someone with a light weapon in their off hand (who would be -2/-2) but the extra damage of the double weapon is a big compensation: double weapons get a big damage boost in Iron Heroes. 1.5 times Strength bonus with each hand, instead of 1 times Strength bonus with the primary hand and 0.5 times Strength bonus with the secondary hand (the fact that off-hand damage bonus is normally lower is mentioned here, and also on page 14).

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