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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 3 months ago

Q: Are the save DCs correct for the Executioner abilities Hamstring and Crippling Strike?

I’m pretty comfortable with each of these as they stand. Hamstring doesn’t get sneak attack dice added to the DC, and Crippling Strike isn’t a “one shot match winner” the way Execution low is.


Q: Successful use of the Executioner's 'Create Distraction' ability (errata'd version) means your target does not threaten you. Does this mean you are considered out of reach and untargetable for melee attacks until the beginning of their next action? Or are you simply free to perform actions which would otherwise provoke an attack of opportunity, and they can still attack you if you stay within reach?


Both are the same thing. The important part being that the effect on the target lasts until the beginning of their next action. So as soon as it is their action again, they do threaten you.



All Sneak Attack possessed by an Executioner, regardless of whether it comes from feats, traits or class abilities, applies for the purposes of determining the maximum number of bonus dice she can gain from spending tokens on her Deathstroke ability.


Armor-Piercing Strike and armor mastery 2, 8 and 10

Armor-Piercing Shot and Armor-Piercing Strike both specifically reduce "DR from armor". They don’t "ignore armor". The effects of armor mastery 2, 8 and 10 apply in full against them.


Improved Crippling Strike

Change: "You can cause a maximum amount of ability damage equal to your executioner level, with no cap on the ability damage inflicted per ability or per target."




You can spend a maximum number of tokens to increase the amount of ability damage equal to your executioner level. There is no limit on the total ability damage you can inflict.

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