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Welcome to the Iron Heroes FAQ and Errata Wiki.


This Wiki collects the clarifications, explanations and errata for Iron Heroes into a more structured form, so that they are easier to find. The information in this Wiki is also available in PDF format, which may be more useful for offline reference.



Note: This Wiki and the PDF linked above both assume possession of the Revised (2007) edition of the Iron Heroes rulebook. If you possess the original (2005) version of the rulebook, you will also need to download the Revision Summary PDF, which includes all changes made from the 2005 version to the 2007 version.


Please post feedback on the Wiki at the Iron Heroes Forums.


Using this Wiki

Entries in the Wiki are sorted into major subjects. Each such major subject begins with an Index page that provides a list of categories within the subject, and the entries within each category.


An individual entry may appear in two different subjects. For instance, the entry about Fury Tokens would appear under both the Tokens subject and also be linked in the Berserker page, which comes under the Classes subject.


Click here to see the recent updates to this Wiki.


You can also search the Wiki for specific terms - use the box in the top right hand corner of the screen for this.



If text in this Wiki (or the PDF) is enclosed in a box, that text is errata: a change to the text in the rulebook. All other text in the Wiki or PDF is intended only as a clarification or explanation of an existing rule. All changes in the Revision Summary are errata.


Major Subject Headings



Many of the major subjects correspond with chapters in the Iron Heroes rulebook. If you are not sure under which subject a given question might be answered, check which chapter it is in, and try the subject with the same name first.




This Website abides by the Open Game License 1.0a Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. 

Iron Heroes copyright 2007 Adam Windsor.


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