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Improved Bull Rush

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Improved Bull Rush 3

Q: I need some clarification on this. If as a charge attack I bullrush with improved Bull Rush level 3 after I knock the guy down do I then get an attack with a +4 to hit due to him being prone or is the bullrush itself considered the attack in the charge?


The bull rush is the attack. Essentially, Mastery 3 lets you combine the effects of the bull rush and trip special attacks as one action.


Improved Bull Rush 5 and the Juggernaut feat

Q: Juggernaut 3 allows you to add your Damage Reduction to a charge. If you charge while making a bull rush and you make your free attack with Improved Bull Rush 5, do you add your Damage Reduction to the attack roll, or is the attack counted as a regular attack with no extra bonuses or penalties?


You get the Damage Reduction bonus to your attack roll when you attack as part of a charge, regardless of how you get that attack. So you would get the Damage Reduction bonus on the free improved bull rush 5 attack roll.


Q: Juggernaut 7 allows you to deal your Damage Reduction as damage. Improved Bull Rush 5 allows you to deal an attack as part of a bull rush. Do you apply the foe's Damage Reduction twice, or do you combine the total damage and then substract the foe's Damage Reduction?


Damage Reduction applies separately to each set of damage, as they are from two separate sources (one is you slamming into the target, the second is you hitting them with a weapon).

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