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Mighty Build

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How exactly does Mighty Build work with weapons not of your size category?

A character with mighty build wields weapons of one size category larger exactly as if they were weapons of his own size category. So a medium-sized character with this trait could wield a large longsword in one hand, would treat a large light mace as a light weapon, and would be able to wield a large greatsword in two hands.


Mighty build has no effect on the handedness of weapons of any size category except the category one larger than your own (which it allows you to use as if you were one size larger than you are). So a medium-sized greataxe would still be a two-handed weapon for a medium-sized character. A small greataxe would be a one-handed weapon, and a huge greataxe would be too big to wield. Only the large greataxe would be an unusual case, since the character could wield it in two hands.


Mighty Build and Unarmed Combat

Mighty Build does not increase your damage when you make an unarmed attack (though it does increase your damage when you use a weapon that has the unarmed descriptor and is sized for creatures one size category larger than you). This trait allows you to use weapons for creatures a size larger than you, it does not make you larger yourself.


Mighty Build and Shields

Mighty Build also does not increase your damage when you make a shield bash. This is specifically disallowed in the last paragraph of the trait. You gain the same defense bonus from shields as anyone else.

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