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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

Base Defense Bonus

The purpose of the BDB penalty for characters who multiclass into two (or more) classes with average BDB is to stop them getting a 'boost' of their BDB compared to single class characters with average BDB. As some have noted, the current mechanic for doing this is that it unfairly punishes certain combinations of class levels (e.g. a Hunter 19/Executioner 1 will have a worse BDB than a Hunter 19/Armiger 1, even though Executioners have better BDB than armigers).


If you have a problem with this, the easiest solution is to change BDB for multiple average BDB classes to work based on total levels in those classes. So if you had a Hunter 3/Executioner 3, you'd look up 6th level (3+3) on the average BDB chart and use that BDB for those classes.


Keep in mind that if you play by the book, multiclass characters get a big advantage in skill groups (as they can take ranks in all classes' skill groups every level). If you don't house rule this advantage away, I wouldn't house rule the BDB disadvantage away either.


Skill Groups

Click on the link above to see information about Skill Groups.


Mixing PC Classes and NPC Classes

Per Mastering Iron Heroes: If a character has both PC and NPC levels he should use the PC advancement table forever (Feats every even Character level, even if he puts that level to an NPC class) BUT; it's not retroactive (he doesn't get feats for levels he already had before taking PC levels)


Multiclassing into the Same Class

You can't multiclass into the same class twice and pick different starting abilities. For instance, if you have levels in berserker, you can't take a new level in berserker and claim it is level 1 again to get two new fury token abilities. Similarly, you can't multiclass into weapon master twice to pick two different weapons with which to gain weapon tokens.

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