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Overrun and Charges

You can use an overrun attack in place of a normal attack while charging. Iron Heroes permits this per page 199 of the rulebook.


Q: Can you overrun the target of the charge, or only opponents between you and the target?


Only the target of the charge. You can't overrun more than one person per round (unless you have March of Ruin) and you can't charge through a square with a creature in it in any case. Note that step 2 of Overrun says you can keep moving after an overrun in a charge. It means just that: you can keep moving (only). You can't make any further attacks, which an overrun is.


This means that March of Ruin is limited to the distance you can move with a single move, not that of a charge.


Q: What square do you end up in? The target's square (with him prone in the square), or in the square beyond the target's in line with your charge vector?


That's up to the charger. If you knock a target prone and have movement left, you can keep moving up to your movement (see step 2 in overrun). If you have no movement left, or want to stop in your opponent's square, you can.


Q: If you end up in the square beyond your target, and have an ability such as Improved Overrun 5 that permits an attack of opportunity on an overrun target, does this count as self-flanking for having been in opposite squares of a target in the same turn?


Per the text, the AoO is immediate on knocking the target prone (ie, before you continue your move), so no, you don't count as self-flanking because you are still in their square when you take the AoO.

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