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Power Attack

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Power Attack and Double Weapons

Q: Do double weapons get +2 damage per -1 attack with Power Attack?


First, don’t forget that power attack can only be used with weapons that have the Power descriptor (unless you are an Executioner). The only Power double weapon is the double axe.


By the rules the double axe gets +2 damage per -1 attack on both ends of the weapon. That seems at first glance like it will be very powerful, but I’m not willing to simply disregard what’s in the rules without seeing it in play, especially in comparison to the bonus sneak attack damage you can get with both ends of a double sword.


Also note that the gain over Two Weapon Fighting with two one-handed or light weapons is less than it would be in D20, because in Iron Heroes you can make both of those weapons power weapons and get one-handed Power Attack from both.

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