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In the sentence "You do not need to roll for warhorses, warponies, or other creatures trained in combat, but you still must use a move action to guide them in battle.", delete the words ", but you still must use a move action to guide them in battle".




Mounts in Combat

If your mount is not combat-trained, you must make the 'Control Mount in Combat' check each round as a move action.


If you have a war-trained mount and want to it to attack your enemies, you must make a 'fight with warhorse' Ride check.


If you want to fight while mounted and both your hands are occuiped (eg to benefit from a shield or use a 2-handed weapon) you also need to make a 'guide with knees' check if you need the mount to move. This is a free action.


You don't need the 'guide with knees' check if the mount remains in the same place for its whole action (even if it attacks).



Riding an unwilling mount

Assuming a "normal" mount (not a huge or intelligent monster, but something like a horse or camel) I'd run it this way:


  • Actually getting on the mount's back is either a Handle Animal check opposed by the creature's Will save, OR a check on a movement skill (such as climb, jump or tumble) opposed by the creature's Base Attack check
  • Once you're on the mount's back, you need a Ride check to get it to do what you want, opposed by its Base Attack check. This check is a standard action on your part and for the mount. This means you can't fight, and can only make a slow pace as you force the mount to do what you want (since you both only have a move action left). If you lose the check, you go nowhere. Lose it by 5 or more, and you're bucked off.
  • Once you win 3 contested Ride checks in a row, the animal will grudgingly go where you wish until you dismount or 1 hour elapses, whichever comes first (so you don't have to make the "stay on" checks anymore). Then you need to repeat the Ride check process again (after you get back in the saddle, if you dismounted)
  • An unwilling mount adds +10 DC to any other Ride check you need to make (even after it grudgingly does as you wish)


For large monsters and intelligent creatures, other skills might be appropriate, and they are likely to use grapple checks to get rid of you.


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