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Swarm Tactics

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Calculating Bonuses

The way that bonuses form Swarm Tactics are calculated is that each creature gets only the bonuses allowed by the Masteries it has, but when calculating the value of the bonus it gets, it counts all its allies who have any Swarm Tactics masteries.


Example: Assume a PC is surrounded by 7 kobolds and a kobold hero. The hero has completed the Swarm Tactics tree while the other kobolds only have the base mastery. The battle looks like this:




where K is kobold, P is the PC and H is the kobold hero.


Base Mastery: All the kobolds (including the hero) have 7 allies who threaten the same target, and all 7 have the base mastery, so they all get +7 bonus to attack.


Expanded Mastery 2: The hero can move when his allies fall, if he wishes. The kobolds can't, as they don't have this mastery.


Expanded Mastery 3: The hero (only) gets +2 passive bonus to defence (he is adjacent to 4 allies who have the base mastery). The kobolds don't get any bonus - they don't have expanded mastery 3. Having the base mastery is enough for them to count for the purposes of how much bonus to give the hero, but doesn't give them the bonus.


Expanded Mastery 4: The hero can grant +1d6 sneak attack damage to any of his allies via aid another.

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