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Tumbling Attack and Full Attacks

The only way to get a full attack routine while making a Tumbling Attack is to move only 5ft as part of the Tumbling Attack while taking a fast completion challenge to make the Tumbling Attack itself a free action instead of a move action. In addition, you can only do this if you have the ability to Tumble at your full speed (since if you can only Tumble at half-speed, moving 5 ft requires 10 ft of movement, which is a move action).


Q: How can I tumble out of an enemy's threatened area and attack them? Isn't this only possible with a ranged weapon?


It's possible to tumble out of an enemy's threatened area and still be in a position to make a melee attack: e.g. there are Reach Weapons in the game, which may make your reach more than his. Or you may have Hafted Weapon Mastery or the Tall trait. There are also several abilities in Iron Heroes which allow characters to designate squares as unthreatened. So you may still be next to someone and not threatened by them any more.


Tumbling Attack and Steel Dancer

See the Harrier class for details.


Tumble and Attacks of Opportunity

See the Attacks of Opportunity section for details.

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