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Using Tokens

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This page addresses only questions that apply across all token pools. For questions relating to using tokens to activate a specific ability, refer to the page on the appropriate token type.


Multiple Token Uses on One Action

As long as the action types are compatible, and the ability being used doesn't require a specific action type in itself, you can combine multiple token uses in one action. For instance assess opponent is a standard action in and of itself, so you can't spend other tokens as part of that action. You could combine expert strike with hindering cut since both are simply part of an attack.


Token Pools with 'Targets'

Whenever a token pool has a 'target' (such as an Archer's aim pool, or a Weapon Master's weapon pool) then you can only spend the tokens for that pool against the target of the pool.


Exception: if an ability associated with a target-specific token pool explicitly states that it can be used against other creatures than the target, then that ability (and that ability only) can be used against other creatures than the pool's target. I can't think off hand of any abilities that meet the exception criteria, but I figure it is still worth saying in case there is one :)


Abilities with variable token costs

Unless specifically stated otherwise in an ability's description, if you activate an ability that:


  • allows you to activate it with a variable number of tokens; and
  • requires some kind of check to activate (such as a successful attack roll or skill check)


You must decide how many tokens to spend before making the check.

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