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Weapon Master

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Weapon Tokens

Click on the link above for questions relating to Weapon Tokens.


Versus War Leader Villain Class

Click on the link above to read about this subject.


Weapon Styles

The line "You can use one weapon style per round as a free action." in the Weapon Master class means that once per round, as a free action, you can choose one weapon style, weapon expertise or weapon supremacy. Thereafter, you can trigger the effects of that style, expertise or supremacy as often as you have the tokens to do so, until such time as you choose to change the ability you are using.


You can start a round using one ability, choose another ability part way through the round, and then use that ability. So you might be using style A, then after your first attack for the round, decide that exertise B would be more useful. You could then change the ability you are using as a free action and gain the benefits of B whenever you spend tokens from that point on, until you change the ability you're using.


Q: How do you feel about simply deleting that line, so that you can use as many and as varied weapon styles as you wish, as long as you have the tokens for it?


I feel that would be a house rule. :)


I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people play it that way, though.


Mobile Attack

Q: Just to make sure, Mobile Attack is usable on a full-attack?




Q: Assuming the answer to the above is yes, how does this effect my threatened enemies? That is, I start the round threatening two people. I full-attack one, and use Mobile Attack to take a 5-foot step. This step puts me out of range of the second guy, but brings two more guys into range. I can now attack those two guys with my remaining attacks if I so choose, correct?




Q: How does this interact with Whirlwind Attack?


Resolve your WWA against every target your threaten, ending with the target of your weapon pool. If you hit him and spend tokens to move 5 ft, you can then attack any new targets you now threaten. You can't attack any target you already attacked (since WWA only gives you one attack on each target).


e.g you threaten A and B, with your weapon pool targeted on A. You hit B, then A. This gives you the tokens to take a 5 ft step, which you do. Now, you threaten A, C and D. You can't attack A again (since you already did) so you change your token pool target to C. You hit D, then hit C. You gain enough tokens to take another 5 ft step. You do so, and now threaten A, C and E. You can't change your token target again, so you simply make one attack on E (you already attacked A and C).


If you have WWA Mastery 10, then you get a full attack on each threatened opponent. You must resolve every full attack completely before moving on to the next target. If you take a 5 ft step that stops you from threatening the person you are currently attacking, you lose the remaining attacks against that target. You must choose to spend the 2 tokens immediately after hitting the target (you can't hit four times, then move up to 20 ft after all the attacks are resolved).


e.g. you threaten A and B, with your weapon pool targeted on A. You full attack B, then A. Each time you hit A, you get enough tokens that you can take a 5 ft step if you wish. You hit A with your first attack, and take a 5 ft step. Now, you threaten A, C and D. You complete your full attack on A (and could take more steps if you wanted to: lets assume you don't) then you change your token pool target to C. You hit D with a full attack, then attack C. Each time you hit him, you gain enough tokens to take another 5 ft step, if you wish. You do so with the first attack, and now threaten A, C and E. You hit C again and take another 5 ft step. Now you threaten A, E and F. You lose your remaining attacks on C (since you don't threaten him any more) but get full attacks on E and F (as you haven't attacked them yet). Your token target remains C.


Favored Defense

Strictly by the rules, a Weapon Master gets the benefits of Favored Defense only if:


  • they're wielding their favored weapon as a two-handed weapon; or
  • they're using two of their favored weapon, one in each hand; or
  • they're using their favored weapon in one hand and nothing in the other


This means that a Weapon Master using a shield doesn't get the benefit of Favored Defense (unless shield bash is their favored weapon and they're bashing with it). Nor does one who wields a non-Favored weapon in their off hand (e.g. wielding a battleaxe and a dagger when their favored weapon is the battleaxe).


If you want to house rule differently, I suggest allowing the TWF column to apply to both the 'weapon and shield' and 'two different weapons' cases above.


Mixed-Weapon Weapon Masters

Q: Would it be reasonable to allow a weapon master whose favored weapon was "bastard sword and spiked light shield"?


This would seem to be reasonable. The character would only gain their favored defense bonus when using both weapons (and would use the two weapon column to determine the benefit) and they would only gain weapon tokens when equipped with both weapons (not when using just a bastard sword, for instance). You could allow similar combinations such as longsword/shortsword as well, if you wish.

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